Tie One On

I was determined to enter an apron into the Tie One On sewing group! The theme for this last month was gigham so I picked out some pink gigham to use as my accent fabric and the bright pink with flowers for my main fabric. I cut out all my pieces before hand and then sewed the whole thing during our last sewing day. I used this Simplicity Pattern (Design 3752) which is the pattern that I’ve used for every apron I’ve made. Honestly, this one was a lot more difficult and confusing than the other ones that I have made for this pattern. And it didn’t fit when I finished it. We had to add darts into the chest area and even still, it looks like it’s made for an extremely large chested woman! Every time I wear it, Jeremy says “oh, the big boob apron”…it kind of makes me not want to cook in it 😦 Oh well, it is finished and I sent it in to Tie One On! Of course, I sent it in and then found out that they had extended the deadline until September 1st so it will be a little while still before they post the pictures…


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