I got crazy in the kitchen!

So I did a really great job this weekend of planning my meals for the week and shopping for all the appropriate ingredients. On Saturday night I even prepped two of my dishes. One of the dishes I prepped is for tonight – Broiled fish with compound butter from my Fish Without A Doubt book. I had several compound butters to choose from and I chose a cilantro-chile butter (I think…I can’t remember right now but I’ll update later tonight if I’m wrong.

Anyway on to the main reason for this post. In one of my previous Whole Foods cooking classes we made a compound butter and I remembered that we put it in plastic wrap and twisted it around kind of like a tootsie roll so that it would become kind of cylindrical shaped and also it would be packed like it is supposed to be. So I went on my merry way and did just that, only I twisted it so quickly that the entire thing of butter flew out of the plastic wrap and landed on the counter while spraying little pieces of butter, cilantro, chile, and garlic all over the kitchen and all over me! I screamed and then I couldn’t stop laughing. Jeremy was in the kitchen at that time too (cleaning up after me as I cook, which, yes is great and I should be so thankful, but sometimes he cleans stuff that I’m still using or he rushes me and ask things like “are you done with that yet?” so honey, if you’re reading this, I love that you clean up after me…it’s just funny sometimes!). So anyway, butter everywhere! I quickly went to spray my shirt down and throw it in the wash so it wouldn’t stain (first time to wear that shirt!) while Jeremy cleaned up my crazy compound butter mess! That better be some yummy fish tonight, that’s all I can say!


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