I’m really back in Austin!

Well, I really did make it back! As of yesterday evening I wasn’t sure I was going to make it back last night (I’ll share that story later). It was a great trip. Honestly, for me, it was a difficult week. Mostly because Jeremy’s grandmother passed away very unexpectedly on Tuesday and I was not able to be there for him the entire week as he was with his family, planning the funeral, going to Houston, and speaking at the funeral. The other reason it was a difficult week for me was because I got the 24-hour flu on Tuesday night and that put me out for a day (I’m still a little congested and coughing quite a bit).  I am excited to tell you all about the trip. I’ll probably try to do it in the next several posts! It was fun to visit Mexico City and see Morelia for the first time but it’s also so good to be back in Mexico. More to come!


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