It is finished!

Finally I have finished my Amy Butler Weekender Bag! Tonight I finished sewing up the lining next to the zipper. Granted, I do have one small item left…the false bottom, which is already sewed up, but my dad offered to provide the material for it. I told him the pattern suggested template plastic, he said he would take care of it. When I was at my parents’ house this weekend I asked him about it and he said he had a nice piece of aluminium that he is going to cut to size – yikes! I guess the bottom of my bag will be quite sturdy! I think that will help stiffen it up a bit and give it more shape.

Will I make this bag again? Probably, I feel a lot more confident now that it’s over, although the entire time I was regretting starting the bag making journey with such a large bag! Also, it was a little expensive to make because you need so much fabric, of course if I were to do it again I wouldn’t have used such expensive fabric for the lining, but I really love my fabric so I don’t really care!

Some changes I would make:

1. I put two interior pockets on the inside, I would definitely do that again but maybe add a zipper pocket or two.

2. The straps/handles. I would make these wider, padded, longer -definitely longer, and I would reinforce them more than Amy suggests (I did reinforce mine more but didn’t do any of the other things I just listed).

3. Center my fabric. I was so worried about the main pockets not matching the main panels that I forgot to center the design on the bag – oh well, that’s something for next time. I would also try to match up the design on my fabric for the rest of the bag as well. That didn’t really occur to (siince it’s not something you notice on the picture in the pattern, but it kind of bothers me about my bag).

Anyway, despite those little changes that I would make – I love it! I took some pictures tonight when I finished, but they don’t really do it justice as it’s dark and I’m an awfull photographer! Here you go anyway!

Here it is! It actually kept it shape pretty well for this picture, considering it is empty (I’m so lazy!)

Here’s a peak at the inside!

A pocket!

The side, looking a little deflated. There are pockets on all four sides!

And that’s that! I’m so happy that I finally finished and it only took me a little over four months! Wow – I can’t believe it’s been that long since I first cut out the pattern pieces! Actually, I cut out that pattern on our first sewing day (and by our I mean Amanda, Beth and me) and ironically, this Saturday we are having our second sewing day! This time I have chosen an apron (a much shorter project) and per Amanda’s instructions, have cut out my pattern prior to the sewing day! Oh, and for more pics of my bag, check out my previous post here.


6 thoughts on “It is finished!

  1. Ellie — it looks so fabulous!! I think you perseverance with sewing it is awesome…I probably would have taken a few more months because of frustrations! I hope you bring it tomorrow so we can all see it in person.

    PS. I have nothing cut out for tomorrow. Per my own instructions, I might have to be shunned. Boo.

  2. Amanda, I may have to be shunned as well. I’m hoping to cut out my fabric tonight (talk about last minute!).

    Ellie, the bag looks really great! Please bring it tomorrow to the sewing day! I would love to see it in person! And good job on the perserverance of finishing that bag!

  3. I can’t believe neither of you have cut out your fabric! After the scolding I got last time about actually needing to sew on sewing day! I’ve had my fabric cut out for two weeks because I was so worried I wouldn’t get it done on time!

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