English Comp II Here I Come!

Well, I finally registered for what I hope will be the last time that I “start” school (at least for my BA…someday, if all the dreams came true – Ph.D…sigh, that is a long way off). Anyway, on to the positives of the present. Yesterday after just a little bit of difficulty I was able to register for my first class through Columbia College’s online program! Am I excited that I’m taking English Comp II? No! At Taylor they only required one English comp class, so I had only taken one, well this new school requires two – bummer. Luckily every book we’re reading for the class (with the exception of poetry – which by the way, I hate studying poetry) I read in high school, so that should be kind of fun. Since I will continue to work full time through December, this class and the one I plan on taking in November will definitely be a stretch for me – hence the lower level class. I’m trying to finish off those last few general education requirements that I need for this new school (this will also eventually include another science class – yuck! Also, a computer class, and an ethics class – none of which are on the ‘things I enjoy’ list, but such is life). The plan is for me to get a part time job in January and start taking two classes at a time – and hopefully by then they will be mostly if not exclusively history classes, which will hopefully be much more enjoyable.

School is so expensive. Of course, I know this anyway from past experience… and that is why I will be 25 (maybe 26) by the time I finally graduate, but let me tell you, having to pay $630 dollars for this one class was not an easy thing for me! I wish education wasn’t so expensive!

For those of you that asked (and by ‘those’ I mean the one person), let me clarify what classes I’m appealing and what that really means. All of my credits transfered to this new school, however some of them just transfered as electives and I really want them to count for specific things. I’m appealing 3 classes…

1. Ancient History. I want them to count this as Western Civ I – kind of a long shot, but Taylor only offered one 5-hour World History class instead of separating it into two parts. I already took Western Civ. II at TX State and they were going to count Ancient History as Western Civ I and I’m hoping this school will too!

2. American Diplomatic History. Columbia has a class entitled 20th Century American Diplomatic History so I don’t know why they didn’t just do a direct transfer…if they do, that’s just one less upper level US history class I have to take. And let’s be honest, I worked my butt off in that class – I think I wrote like a 28 page paper on US foreign relations in Central America during JFK’s presidency (did you know he wanted to make all the countries in Central America into one country – dumb! well, in my opinino anyway) – granted I wrote about 26 of those pages the night before the paper was due – dumb! But I still worked really hard and I want it to count!.

3. The last one was the Civil Rights Tour that I went on while at Taylor. It was a 3 1/2 week trip that a few students took with a history professor as we traveled throughout the South. This was probably one of the most if not the most beneficial classes that I took while at Taylor. It was also 4 credit hours and all I want is for them to count it as one of my upper level US history classes instead of just a history elective.

I e-mailed all three professors from Taylor and have heard back from two of them along with copies of the syllabi for each prospective class. So I have turned in the paper work for the first two classes on my list and am waiting for information on the last one so I can finish the paperwork.

Anyway, if all three are accepted for what I want them to be that would cut out 9 hours of classes (which if translated into the financial world would be almost $1900!) and I it would be 3 more classes that I don’t have to take…So it looks like the next year and half of my life are going to be pretty busy! But I think putting a few things on hold for that time will be worth it in the end! I’ll keep you up to date, and I’m sure starting in August there be a little more academic content on this blog (or maybe just me complaining about writing papers about literary symbolism – yuck! I’m so glad I decided not to be an English major!)


3 thoughts on “English Comp II Here I Come!

  1. Ha Ha — English was one of my favorite classes and history was my least favorite! I am glad you are working on finishing! It will be a great accomplishment and then you can have the BA stuff behind you! 🙂 YAY, Ellie!

  2. Ellie! That’s wonderful that things are starting to come into place regarding school. Good luck with all the transferring of credits. You certainly worked hard at Taylor for them!

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