It’s going to be a busy week! Back Yard Bible Clubs are this week, which means my normally silent office is constantly filled with noise and teenagers. Don’t get me wrong, I love having them there, but it is hard to get stuff done. I love having a job where I can sit and chat with them, where relationships are important, but alas, that doesn’t mean that all the other non-relationship stuff can’t get done…so I guess it’s all about balance.

And as much as I love having a job that allows me that freedom…how much does it suck to go back to work after a long weekend? So hard!

Other exciting news…this week I will be registering for a new class! Yes, on to my 4th institute of higher education and hopefully the last I will attend while attempting to finish my B.A! I’m appealing 3 of my classes from Taylor, which has proven to be a little bit of a trying process, however tonight I e-mailed all three of my professors and hope to hear back from them with copies of the syllibi (since I apparently did not save them, and even if I had, I think they would be in my in-law’s attic). Honestly, going back to school is pretty scary for me…will I have time to do this? Yikes!


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