Szechuan Stirfry and Marinade

I tried this marinade this week. I got it at HEB; actually Jeremy picked it out. We just bought the beef for stir fry (you know, the ones that have the big orange stickers that shout Great for Stir Fry!) and I bought a package of Zesty Blend frozen vegetables. We just stir fried it all in this marinade. It was great on the meat, however the vegetables seemed to have soaked up more of the sauce. It was very spicy. Jeremy and I are generally pretty tough when it comes to spicy food, but our noses were running and I had to get an extra glass of water just to get through the meal. Even though it was really spicy, the flavor itself was good. I think that we might get it again I would just use it to marinate the meat and then just stir fry the veggies in hot oil. We ate this over rice. So if you are in the mood for trying something easy and are not afraid of some spice, try this sauce out. We found ours in the Asian food section and there were several other ‘flavors’ as well.


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