Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers This last week I finished the June bookclub book – that’s right! I finished before the day of the actual bookclub meeting. However, it’s hard to be celebratory considering bookclub is tonight and I have a birthday party that I’m going to instead.

Anyway, on to the book. Very interesting. Certainly not a book I would have ever picked out for myself, but I actually really enjoyed it. You may be thinking, that book looks a little morbid, well, it is. But it’s also really interesting and very funny. I even caught myself chuckling out loud several times. Honestly, not really a book that I feel contributed to my overall growth as a person, but some things did make me think and now I suppose I could speak rather intelligently on using cadavers as crash test dummies, decapitation, and donating your body to science. I think my mind was filled with lots of somewhat useless facts about death and decomposition during my few weeks of reading this book, but like I said, interesting, funny, overall a good book. The author, Mary Roach must be quite a character in real life and I love how she writes what she’s actually thinking (and sometimes says it out loud in her interviews!). I’m not a really squeamish person, but there were a few parts that I would consider to be  a bit gross. Good book, maybe not for everyone. It will be interesting to hear what the others who read it thought. To check out their comments you can always visit our bookclub website at


One thought on “Stiff

  1. I agree with just about everything you said about the book. Should be an interesting discussion tonight. I’m sorry you can’t be there!

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