Weekend Projects

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures for today – so sorry. Sometimes I remember and sometimes I don’t. First off, I haven’t been feeling very creative lately and that makes finishing (or starting that matter) projects a rather difficult task. And quite honestly it becomes very frustrating since I feel like having a creative outlet is a great stress-reducer and makes me feel so productive, so when I’m not feeling creative I get even more frustrated by my lack of an outlet and that just leads to my feeling even less creative!

Nevertheless, in the midst of these feelings, I did have one project that I had to finish this weekend. The 12th was my in-laws 15th wedding anniversary. And Jeremy thought it would be best if “we” made them a gift for their anniversary as it would be more meaningful (and let’s just be honest, less expensive). Now the side note is that after we got married I decided I wanted to make a wedding scrapbook…I started it and never finished. However it was during that time that I realized one of the reasons the scrapbook was so frustrating to me was that I realized it  would take forever to finish! I can be patient and take on bigger projects, but in general it’s so much easier for me if I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. So I started buying these really inexpensive picture frames at craft stores and just making one large scrapbooking page with the pictures I wanted to use. So, I have made some for Jeremy’s grandmother and there are a couple in our apartment. Jeremy loves these and even though I like them, I was a little hesitant to make one for my in-laws. My mother-in-law in particular has really good taste when it comes to decorating and things and making her something like this seemed a little, I don’t know, weird for lack of a better word. But Jeremy was determined (so determined that he even went with me to pick out the paper). So I started it the weekend before last and then it sat on my ‘dining room’ table all week. I kept looking at it and thinking…I so don’t feel like working on this right now. I think this is mostly because if I’m not really exciting about scrapbooking at the moment then it’s really hard to make myself do it – I dont’ like anything that I do and I always feel like it’s missing something. Nevertheless on Saturday I made the push and finished it up. As I suspected, when I was finished I felt like something was missing but just couldn’t put my finger on it and I felt it was better to leave it more simple than add things just to add things. I had planned to take a picture but totally forgot.

Pretty much we stole their box of wedding pictures and I went through and picked out the ones I wanted to use. I had them all reprinted in sepia tome which actually seemed to make them look more up to date. My favorite was a small reel of pictures of them feeding each other cake and then smearing it on their faces. Jeremy’s mom is a very fun and spontaneous person and I thought that was a good example of that at their wedding. We also included a picture of the whole family together (present day), mostly to show that in 15 years they added on 4 kids and one daughter-in-law! It’s pretty fun. So I guess I was pleased. Sometimes it’s so hard to make something like that and give to someone as a gift. I’m so insecure about it! When I give someone a gift normally it’s not something I have made and so I don’t feel offended at all if they don’t like it or want to take it back, but when I make something there is that fear that they won’t like it and that I’ll feel totally rejected! I know, ridiculous, but that’s how I feel. 

So that was the big accomplishment of the weekend for me. I also began to cut out my fabric for my next sewing project that I’ll be working on during our next sewing day at Amanda’s house! So excited. I also knew that I better get going on cutting out that fabric since Amanda threatened to not let me come if I didn’t. She insisted that a sewing day should actually involve sewing (last time I went I was at the onset of my Weekender Bag – which no, I have still not finished – and had not even cut the pattern out and that ended up taking the entire time!). So, I’m almost finished with that…I’ll be ready for the next sewing day!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Projects

  1. 2 things:

    1) YAY for cutting out fabric!! Good job!
    2) YAY for finishing your scrapbook page! Have you given them the frame yet? I am sure they will love it.

  2. I want to see a picture of the scrapebook frame thing, sounds really neat! And Ellie, you have fantastic taste, don’t doubt yourself! I hope that you get a surge of creativity soon because I completely understand how you feel. Although I do have something I want to talk with you and Amanda about that I am VERY excited about. Oh the ideas are brewing!

    I still haven’t cut out fabric for the tunic that I’m planning on making because I just have so many projects going on! I finished up a bag and a headband this weekend and cut out another Kimberly Bag that I’m making for a girl at work. Hopefully soon I can cut out the fabric for my tunic!

  3. I agree with Beth…you do have fantastic taste…and I think people tend to like gifts you make for them because of the effort you put into it — it makes it more special.

    I am interested in hearing about the ideas brewing in Beth’s head…

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