Older Projects

As I had mentioned in one of my early posts, I grew up around a sewing machine. Now  that I think about it, my mom sewed quite a bit when I was younger. Then, in the 4th grade, I had the opportunity to take sewing classes. I think they were just once a week. It was a class of 4-5 girls all around the same age and we sewed clothes – I think I sewed a majority of my clothes for that school year! It was pretty great. I remember sewing two skirts and a dress at some point in the jr. high/ high school age, but not much since then. When I was in high school my parents bought me my sewing machine at a garage sale for $50. I think it’s probably one of the coolest machines ever (someday I will have to post pictures) but it’s a Singer Genie from the 1960’s complete with orange and yellow flower power and everything! It doesn’t have a lot of fancy things, but it sews really well and it makes me happy to look at it!

All that to say, a couple months ago after hanging out with Amanda after book club, she showed me some of the projects that she had started to work on and I was inspired to get out my machine and try it out!. I bought this Simplicity Pattern (Design 3752), some fabric, and headed over to my mom’s house for a refresher on how to use my machine, read a pattern, cut out my fabric, etc… This is what we made:

So this was my first project and generally a really good one. The only really frustrating thing was the piping, but good learning experience (and prep for the Weekender Bag!) After successfully completing this project with my mom, I decided for my next step I should try the same pattern again, but by myself…


This one is a little harder to see and was somewhat of a disappointment. The fabric faded quite a bit in the wash and I couldn’t find matching piping and bias tape, hence the two different colors and I think the pink would have stood out a lot more, but for my first apron by myself, I felt pretty good about it. My brother had come over to hang out with me when I first started to work on it and we put a movie on only to have him fall asleep on the couch like 5 minutes into it. I kept the movie on and went to work sewing – I finished the whole thing before he even woke up! Then I moved on to a different design from the same pattern…this one is my favorite!


I really wish these pictures could have been taken with an actually person modeling the aprons, but alas, I’m alone right now and I’m not such a fan of trying to take my own picture…I love this apron, it’s all ruffly and dainty and the fabric was so much fun! Sometimes I wear it around the house while I am vacuuming and dusting…somehow it makes it a little more fun!

The funny thing about these aprons is I rarely actually use them when I cook, mostly because the part of me that tends to get the most dirty is the top half! I have a full apron that my mom made for me in high school and that’s generally what I wear when I’m cooking. However, I have lofty plans to enter an apron into the August Tie One On! It will be my first time to do something like that…I purchased the fabric yesterday after spending a ridiculous amount of time at the fabric store trying to decide. The theme for August is gigham and there was not a large selection so I was trying to find fabric that I felt went with the gigham…I like what I got but I’m not in love with it…but maybe it will be fine, and my hope is that it will become an actual cooking apron when I’m done with it. Jeremy does not understand why in the world I need so many aprons…but being the wonderful husband that he his, he just smiled at me and proceeded to put a nail in our laundry room/pantry door for me to hang my many aprons! What a wonderful hubby!


8 thoughts on “Older Projects

  1. I love the ruffled one too — and I think I feel the same way that wearing an apron while cleaning around the house makes it just a little bit more fun! 🙂

    I laughed when you talked about Jeremy putting up the nail for your aprons…my Jeremy does the same thing on so many things he just doesn’t understand. I get the blank stare, shake of the head, and then he finishes what I have asked even though he doesn’t quite get it. Great husbands are awesome!

  2. ellie…these are beautiful….do you have an etsy account?? if not get on there and get these aprons up and for sale! i wish i could sew like you!

  3. Abby – thanks so much! I actually don’t think I can sell these on etsy because the patterns are copyrighted…bummer. Someday I’m hoping to build up the confidence to design some of my own stuff and then I’ll definately jump full swing into the etsy world!

  4. This is my first blogging experience!!! I know, you must be shocked!The apron saga is cracking me up … your’re so funny … and I still miss having you around more! I could chat more but I have Michael’s scrapbook pages all over the living room and need to work on it!
    Hasta sabado! (helping you prepare for Mexico)
    con amor,
    tu mama

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