comments and t-shirts

So first of all, something that has been on mind recently – commenting on blogs. I read quite a few blogs on a regular basis but rarely comment. Why don’t I? I’m not exactly sure. Is it laziness – I don’t want to put the effort into coming up with something intelligent to say. Do I not care? Am I intimidated by the blogger world? I certainly think sometimes I’m just lazy. A lot of the sewing and craft blogs that I read do intimidate me – I feel like I have little of value to contribute and let’s be honest when 150 people have already commented on a post, I see no reason to add my two cents! So I have decided to slowly get my feet wet when it comes to commenting on some of those craft blogs. However, as for my friends, people I know personally, I really feel like I need to step up and comment. I mean, I love it when people comment on my blog, so I should do the same for them. My challenge: if there are blogs that you read on a regular basis and you know the blogger personally – leave a comment (it will make you feel good and it will make the blogger feel good too). I had been thinking about all of this and then my friend Amanda  posted about it as well; that was it, it’s time to make a change!

Now, on to other items completely unrelated. My friend Beth has also been inspiring me with her new blog. She recently wrote a post about taking old t-shirts and turning them into something that you’ll actually wear again. I decided that was a great idea and was then further inspired by Kelly’s post. So last weekend I pulled out an old t-shirt that was too small and one that I didn’t like anymore with high hopes of fusing the two together to create one fun and sexy halter top! I am disapointed to report that this venture was horribly unsuccessful! I was able to make the shirt fit me – that was the initial success. However, when I cut the sleeves off to form the halter, well, either the shirt was not made to have the sleeves cut off or I cut too much because it became, well, quite immodest to wear! Not to fear I persevered and attempted to add some more fabric to the top sides. After quite a bit of work (for a project that was supposed to be pretty easy), I just had to give up. The shirts had been mulitated and sewn back together but not in a way that would fit any body in a flattering way. And all this was compounded by the fact that I discovered that the logo on the main shirt was completely off center. And I know, sometimes that can be cool, but it made it look like I had done a ridiculously lousy job at centering and measuring instead of it being because it was a $5 shirt from wal-mart! So frustating. Oh well, I guess I will have to take a little break before I try it again – but I do plan on trying it again, just not for a little while. On a positive note, it was discovered that my machine sews quite well on jersey fabrics.

If this post hasn’t deterred you from trying to make your old t-shirts into something better, here are some sites that might be inspirational for you (I will return to them when I get my nerve up again!)

Comfy Pants – these look so comfortable, I want to try them!
Oh My Stars – lots of great ideas!
T-shirt Underwear – this could be really fun!


5 thoughts on “comments and t-shirts

  1. Well I’m glad you tried to do t-shirt surgery! I really want to make the pants – they seem really easy and I would wear them around the house all the time. . .

    And the underwear. . . well who doesn’t need a couple more pairs!

  2. I have been thinking it would be fun to do a Craft Night once a month and try different things like this…the issues are a location, other interested peeps, etc. I made a list of all the different things I want to try and there are quite a few. It could be fun to have a specific new craft to try and then work on other projects if you finish quickly.

    Also, every time I pull out a T-shirt to wear around the house now, I think about everything that I can turn it into…LOL

  3. I like the idea of a craft night – maybe after summer though – it’s hard for me to do anything lately. . .

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