Cherry Tomatoes

A few things that have been keeping me busy lately. It seems this week that I have been especially tired and have spent my evenings lying around the house watching season finales and reading during the commercials. What am I reading? I’m almost done with our May book club book – A Thousand Splendid Suns – such a great book, even though it’s generally a sad book, it pulls you right in, does an excellent job of describing the relationships and brining you into the story. Also, this week I finally received my first issue of Gourmet magazine – if you like to cook or just like food and travel, you have to subscribe to this magazine – only $12 for 12 issues. They also have an awesome website.

Finally, the tomatoes. A couple months ago Jeremy and I planted this cherry tomato plant on our balcony. We waited what felt like forever for it to begin to bloom, and then for the tomatoes to pop, and then even longer for them to begin to turn red, but they finally have!

Here’s a close up…


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