Bag Update

Well, I got my machine back from the shop, but once I brought her home I started to feel a little intimidated by the bag that I cut out previously. So, as I rummaged through some of my sewing things I found a stack of 3 x3 in squares that I had cut out of scraps while in high school. I figured, if feeling a little nervous, maybe I should start with straight lines, so I began sewing those together to make a very tiny quilt. Anyway, this last weekend I finally felt up to pulling out my bag and working on it. I haven’t finished it yet but I made remarkable progress over the weekend. I sewed on the main pockets, the handles, the zipper, the cording, and have begun to pin the side pockets. I was on quite the roll until I ran out of thread in my bobbin and went to wind it and it wouldn’t wind! When I had gotten my machine back from the shop, there was a note that my bobbin winder was ‘inconsistent’ and that because my machine is so old they don’t make that part anymore. Well, now it’s not inconsistent, it’s just plain broken! I was beginning to get quite discouraged until Beth told my about the portable bobbin winder. I think I will have to order one! Then I can wind my bobbins and not have to get a new machine – yay! So needless, to say, my bag is currently at a standstill, but it finally is starting to look like a bag and that in itself is very exciting!

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