South Indian Pepper Chicken

Fresh IndianJeremy and I love Indian food but I have always been a little intimidated to try it – so many spices and other ingredients I generally don’t keep on hand. But this week I pulled out my Fresh Indian cookbook that my mom gave to me quite a while ago. I decided to take advantage of the ‘bulk’ aisle at HEB. They have a spice section where you can choose the amount you need. I paid 13 cents for spices I would have had to pay $3.75 for if I had to buy the whole bottle! Very exciting. I made South Indian Pepper Chicken with Basmati Rice and Chappati. It was pretty good – quite flavorful and I love chappati! Both were really easy and it was very fun. The Chappati recipe was from Recipezaar and was really easy and so tasty!

And here’s the finished chappati:




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