Garlic Lovin’ Salmon

I tried this recipe last night that I got off one of my favorite cooking blogs, Dine and Dish. It was so easy and it turned out great! The Dine and Dish picture is quite a bit nicer than mine, but I don ‘t care! Jeremy asked me why I was taking pictures of our food and then laughed at me with that little “oh, sweetie, you’re so cute” laugh when I told him I planned to put it on my blog. I made mine with Texmati rice with roasted aspargus. I put some lemon zest and fresh basil in the rice along with salt and pepper. I have also posted the recipe for the roasted aspargus below, which were excellent.

Garlic Lovin’ Salmon from Dine and Dish

Roasted Asparagus with Balsamic Vinegar – I searched for an aspargus recipe on allrecipes.coma nd tis is what I came up with!
Here I am cooking that salmon!
Salmon Cooking

Ta da!


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