Three Cups of Tea

Well, as it turns out, Three Cups of Tea arrived before I left for my trip to St. Louis, so Kite Runner has moved to second place in my reading priority list. I have gotten about a third of the way through Three Cups of Teathough (I kept falling asleep on the plane!) and I am really enjoying it so far. It’s always so much more interesting when you know that it actually happened, that someone actually lived the story that you are reading. I some weird way, I feel a connection with Mortenson. I think it’s because he’s a missionary kid too, and even know his experience seems much different than mine, his attitude and they way he goes about things reminds me of something I often see in kids who grow up on the mission field. I love how he becomes so passionately driven for something. Sometimes when I read about people like Mortenson it makes me want to sell all my stuff and carry my belongings around in a back pack and travel the world doing good. Of course then I realize that I am comfortably stuck in my own little version of the American dream – how did that happen?


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