Books in the Mail!

First off, good news – The Kite Runner arrived in the mail yesterday! So I do have at least one new book to read on the plane tomorrow! It seems somewhat ridiculous to me that I am starting a new book right now when I have all of these other books to finish, but I do have a reason. Our May book club book is A Thousand Splendid Suns and I really wanted to read The Kite Runner beforehand so that I could compare the writing of his first book to his second…so that is why I am going to push it to the top of the list. Of course once I receive Three Cups of Teain the mail that will have to go to the very top since I have to have that read for our book club by April 25th and I was a slacker last month so I have to finish the book this month!

Other news: a little while after we started our book club, I stumbled across a little treasure while at Barnes and Noble – Smart Women Read Between the Lines: A Reader’s Journal

A Reader’s Journal

Needless to say, I purchased the book, but other than looking through it when I got it home, I haven’t done very much with it. Last night I pulled it out again, determined to start using my new “reader’s journal”. I’m not gonna lie, I love lists and all things organized, so the set up of this book is awesome, not to mention that I love the old school look of the cover (it makes me think of Lynn Peril’sbooks). It has tabbed sections for your short book reviews, notes and favorite quotes, books you want to read, and a list of books that you have borrowed out or borrowed from others – I love it! Now hopefully I will use it and post some book reviews here in the future. I have started my book review page for The Kite Runner– and by started I mean I wrote the title and author at the top! If you like things to be organized and keep lists and love to read, this might be a fun and inspiring addition to your collection!


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