Kirky Update

Some of you may know, Jeremy has had several phone interviews with a church in one of the suburbs of St. Louis. They found Jeremy’s resume on and gave him a call. After two phone interviews, they asked us to come visit their church. So on Friday we will be flying up to St. Louis for the weekend! I’m not gonna lie, I generally have no desire to move back to the Midwest (those who experienced Taylor with me know that I hate snow and coldness in general), however, more than my hate for snow, is my desire for Jeremy to pursue a career that he actually enjoys. As I have been chatting about my discovery of my need to create, he has started picking out things in his life that he sees as his creative outlet. He has noticed when he isn’t able to fulfill this need to be creative it certainly affects how he is feeling and even how he performs in his job. So running sound has always been a creative outlet for him and would be a large part of the job at this church. We have been praying a lot about this and will continue to do so while we are there this weekend and after as well. We would greatly appreciate your prayers as well. Here’s a link to their website Grace Church


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