A Little Reading Update

I have not had as much time recently to read as I would like. I sadly, decided to remove March’s book club book from my reading bookshelf as the March book club meeting has come and gone and I only got through the first chapter. However, I did hear from those that did read it that it was not as fascinating a read as we had hoped. I must admit that Beth and I enjoy a little controversy in the books we read and she felt like the book mentioned things but never truly stepped out to draw conclusions. We did, however, have some interesting discussions about women in leadership, both politically, and within the church. So after hearing only so-so remarks about the book, I have decided not to waste my time and have removed it from my shelf! I have ordered our April book and am supposed to receive it between April 3 and April 21st (let’s hope it’s not the 21st as the book club meets on the 25th!). I’ll write more about that once I receive it.

I’m still powering my way through A Case for A Creator. I’m currently going through A Case for Faith – Student Edition with my group of 7th grade girls, and felt like this is one of the areas were I am woefully unprepared. It has been interesting, but since I don’t have an especially keen interest in those things scientific, it’s been a work in discipline.

I pick up Cold Tangerines a couple of times a week. The chapters are only a couple of pages and I limit myself to one chapter a sitting. It’s just so good and I want to slowly enjoy the entire book. Each chapter is like a little pep talk or a little insight into the soul.

The Rainmaker continues to be difficult to get in to, but I have read a chapter or two in the last couple of weeks.

I’m flying to St. Louis this weekend so I plan on having time to read both on the plane and while I am there. If any one of the three books I ordered online arrive before I leave (Something Borrowed (I think this would be considered a guilty pleasure book), Kite Runner, and Three Cups of Tea) I will be taking it with me to read, otherwise I think I will bring my College Girls book as I have not had much time to dive into that and The Rainmaker (everyone needs a novel to read on the plane!)


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