A Need to Create

Hi! This is my second attempt at a blog…my first was a short stint of irregular posts while I was a youth leader at HCBC SW. I sincerely enjoyed writing the occasional blog and reading about the lives of the youth. Now, after visiting the blogs of a few choice friends, I have decided to once again make an effort. I don’t feel like I am the kind of person who wants to place her thoughts on the internet for others to read, however over the past several months I have discovered something about myself. Maybe it’s not even just about myself, but of people in general, I don’t know…I have a need that I never realized I had before. I have a need to be creative, to let it out, to allow my imagination to guide me, but mostly to create something. I’m not exactly sure why I never noticed this need previously, however I think it had something to do with school. School tends to have a creative outlet, maybe this was just the schools that I went to or it was the fact that to me writing papers or finishing a projects gives me a sense of having created something. Needless to say, I have discovered a need to create. When I don’t do this I get frustrated, feel that I have pent up energy, and even border on depression. I began to notice a difference as I began to cook. I’m not an especially good cook and I generally follow recipes like my life depended on it, but the fact that I put effort into something and there was an actual physical result was so rewarding.

I have generally shyed away from things that were termed “creative” or “artsy” or “crafty” in the past. I think this comes from years of thinking that because I was not the best ‘draw-er’ in my elementary school class that I was forever creatively challenged. Slowly I am attempting to break free from this stereotype that I think I have forced on myself. I know I’ll probably never by an amazing artist, but I am finding things that I enjoy doing that I never imagined I would really like. I started scrapbooking, granted I cheat and get lots of ideas from other people, but when I finish a project, I have created something. I have picked up sewing again after an almost 14 year pause. These are just some things that I am trying out…things that seem to have opened my mind to the possibilities of creativity.

 I think this desire to create comes directly from God. We are made in his image and he is the Creator God. Maybe I’ll add more to this idea later…

 The essence of these jumbled thoughts is that I think that although creating is awesome, it’s so much more fun when we can share it with others, so I’m hoping to be able to write about my projects, post pictures, talk about books, share recipes, etc… I also think that writing here in itself brings a sense of creativity as well, so I ‘m excited to be on my way!


3 thoughts on “A Need to Create

  1. To discover that what you can dream, can be accomplished through the work of your own hands is truly amazing…To look at something no matter what it is and know that you have had a part of creating is pure Joy. Seeing something that was not and now is because you let go of those proposed ideas that others have placed on you is a very beautiful thing. You are a very unique person and no one will ever be you, so dream with eternity in mind and create something outside your reach that only God can complete. Because we are created in His image to do good works that we might have joy and He may have our praise…

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